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Digital Marketing Essentials for Financial Services Professionals (P211224OQX) 

- Accredited by IBF through The Society of Remisiers Singapore, powered by AB Maximus -

About This Programme

This Digital Marketing course is specially designed to provide individuals in the financial planning, banking and securities industry with the knowledge and practical skills to implement a digital marketing plan using social media and electronic mailers. This interactive training programme is tailored to combine the fundamentals of marketing and its application using digital tools to leverage and apply in the marketing financial professional’s services and expertise.


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Andrew Chow

Learning Objectives

  • To list the different digital marketing strategies for Financial Services

  • To create content for social media marketing

  • To execute an email marketing campaign

  • To differentiate different channels according to its niche and persona

  • To develop a powerful personal branding on LinkedIn

Digital Book

Course Info


Online Class (Zoom)

Course Date: 

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9 hours



Course Fee:



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Course Outline

The Impact of Digital Marketing

  • Digital landscape and its uniqueness

  • Digital evolution

  • Positive vs Negative

Facebook Marketing

  • Understand how Facebook works

  • Building your Facebook page

  • Build your audience

  • Facebook posts

  • Engage your audience

  • Promote your business on Facebook

  • Understanding Facebook insights

Digital Marketing Mix

  • Types of channels

  • Online vs Offline

  • Importance of the right selection

LinkedIn Profiling for Personal Selling

  • Powerful Headline

  • Comprehensive Summary

  • Skill Sets

  • Extensive Networking 

  • Recommendation

Fundamentals of social media marketing

  • What’s is social media marketing?

  • Types of social media networks

  • Invest in right channels

  • Social listening

  • Social Media advertisement

Email Marketing

  • Database marketing

  • Tools of email marketing 

  • Data analysis and consumer insights

IBF Financial Training Scheme (IBF-FTS)

This programme has been accredited under the IBF-FTS, and is eligible for funding under the IBF Financial Training Scheme (IBF-FTS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

The Financial Training Scheme (“FTS”) provides funding for financial sector-specific training programmes which are recognized under FTS. This scheme is eligible for company-sponsored participants who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore, and who have successfully completed a FTS programme. Financial Institutions (MAS licensed or exempt entities), involved in or supporting financial sector activities, are eligible to submit claims for company-sponsored participants.


Licensed representatives or registered agents can sign up and make payment directly with the training provider (TP).  However, the representative or agent should provide a letter of support from his/her Financial Institution (FI) Principal when enrolling for the course.  TP will sight the staff pass and check the MAS Register of Representatives / General Insurance Association’s (GIA) Agent Registration Board to confirm the participant’s eligibility.

For all FTS programmes commencing on or after 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2022, MAS will enhance course fee subsidies for locals attending accredited or recognised courses up to 50% co-funding of direct training costs, subject to existing grant caps of S$2,000 per programme. Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 90% co-funding of direct training costs.

IBF full set of terms and conditions can be found via

Finance and investment professionals who wish to apply for the IBF-FTS funding, please email us at: for the details and registration form.

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