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Moving a piano is unlike any other type of moving. It cant be compared with any other type of furniture, nor can it be compared with any other type of musical instrument. Many people successfully move their upright , if you have a grand piano. Prices vary widely across the country, and depending on logistical details at each location, but upright piano moving prices may range from $150-400 for typical local or regional moves, while similar grand piano moves may range at least $100 more due to the break-down and setup that is required. For any moving project, 2-5 workers may be needed depending on the weight and size of the instrument. Movers either charge by the hour with a three-hour minimum in most cases or give a fixed rate. The typical hourly rate ranges between $10 and $20 per hour for each person, while fixed rates are generally between $150 and $1,000 for a short distance move, and $700 to $2,500 for long distance moves. These costs usually include both tools and labor costs. So, the average cost of $1,000 to move a grand piano in another state or city would include around $600 in labor costs and $400 additional costs for tools and materials.the moving guyWe pay attention to every single detail of your move and never cut corners. You won’t have to be worried about your cherished belongings being damaged in the transfer. We truly take care of them as if they were our own. The guys were absolutely fabulous. They were very professional, , They didnt scratch a thing and were super efficient! I couldnt believe how quickly they got everything done! I would highly recommend Four guys And A Truck for every move! When they showed up, they had put one more guy on the crew, and it was a good thing too. These guys hustled and got the whole job done in less time than they estimated. This was hard work, with some very heavy antiques and over 150 50 pound boxes filled with books going up 2 and three flights of stairs with absolutely no mishaps, no breakage, no dings in the freshly painted walls.out of state moversBook your interstate move early and save $150 off your big relocation. Our professional movers will handle your belongings with care no matter the distance.LEARN MORE The average cost of an interstate move is the distance from Chicago IL, to Dallas, TX. Long-distance moving is based upon the mileage from the origin to the destination, and the total weight of your belongings. In order to calculate a price quote, an estimated weight is necessary. Estimating the weight can be completed via our online estimate, or by an in home estimate. In home estimates are free of charge and the most accurate way to estimate your shipment weight. Please contact us today to set up your free in home estimate! """""""""


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