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The Ultimate Formula Cheat Sheet for the LI CFA® Program exam [UPDATED]

In this series of posts, we present our top revision tips for you to get on track with revising for the papers!

*This is a special post for our AB Maximus readers! The Cheat Sheets in this post are copyright of and kindly provided AB Maximus' textbook partner, Wiley Efficient Learning.

It’s the month before the CFA® Program exams, and by now, most diligent students should have begun their revision and started doing sample questions. But sometimes, there are simply too many formulas to remember for different chapters.

Our friends at Wiley are sharing their exclusive and handy formula cheat sheet that will definitely help anyone doing revision questions and calculations. It might even come in handy for you to memorise before you take the paper!

The cheat sheet contains every single important formula you might need during the Level I CFA Program exam. Categorized formulas are by chapter. The document is quite long – 104 pages – so you may want to scroll to find the name of the relevant chapter when looking for a formula to tackle a question.

For specific chapters, we advise you to locate them in the pdf using the finder function (Ctrl-F for PC, Command-F for Macs).

Happy revising!

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