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Our ultimate tips list for acing the Level I CFA® Program exam

In this series of posts, we present our top revision tips for you to get on track with revising for the papers!

As the CFA® Program exam draws near, we know most students are hard at work doing practice questions and revising.

To help you, we've compiled all our revision tips, written by CFA® charterholders, into one handy post.

Every post in the Cheat Sheet series has been written by the AB Maximus tutor for that specific chapter in the Level I curriculum. It generally covers the top 3 key concepts of that chapter and common mistakes and misconceptions candidates make. There's also extra tips and additional material recommended by that specific tutor to help you better understand the material in that chapter.

The section on calculation tips is meant to aid you while you do calculations for your practice questions.

Last but not least, the section on exam day tips covers what you should do in the days leading up to the exam, what to remember as you're doing the paper, and also a breakdown of what you must and must not bring into the exam hall.

Good luck and happy studying from all of us at AB Maximus!

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Chapter tips:

Level I CFA® Program exam Cheat Sheet: Corporate Finance

Level I CFA® Program exam Cheat Sheet: Portfolio Management

Level I CFA® Program exam Cheat Sheet: Equity Investments

Level I CFA® Program exam Cheat Sheet: Derivatives

Key Tips for Major Chapters

Here's how to cram at the last minute

Calculation tips:

Level I CFA® Program exam Cheat Sheet: IFRS vs US GAAP

Calculator Tutorial: Mean, Standard Deviation, Standard Error

Calculator Tutorial: Modified Duration

General Tutorial: Time Value of Money

General Tutorial: Rough Calculations

The Ultimate List of Exam Formulas

Exam Day tips:

Important Exam Day Reminders

5 common mistakes to avoid in the exam

3 things you should never do at the exam - and what to do instead

What to do in the days before the exam

3 things to remember just before you take the paper

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