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Stock Market Predictions for 2019: Bitcoin, S&P500, STI and USD/SGD

Our technical analysis expert, Jeffrey Tie, predicts the stock market for 2019, based on an analysis of trends from everything that happened this year.


#1: S&P500

The chart above is a weekly candlestick chart, and the green swing represents the trend pattern of the yearly time frame. As can be seen, the yearly time frame trend pattern is bullish, with higher highs and higher lows.

The direction of the current leg of the green swing is still pointing up. This suggests that lower time frames, (quarterly and monthly) should also be bullish, in line with the bias of the current green swing direction.

This second chart shows the quarterly time frame trend pattern (in black) and the monthly time frame trend pattern (in red).

The black quarterly time frame swing line is currently down, suggesting a bearish trend for the monthly red swing. But we can also see a sideway range pattern marked by the 2532 start, and the 2940 end.

At this point of time, this index has three possible scenarios:

  1. The sideways trend pattern can continue, with the index travelling from 2532 to 2094, and then break above 2940 to embark on a bullish trend continuation.

  2. The sideways trend pattern continues, with the index bouncing back and forth between start and end.

  3. The index breaks below 2532, and the sideways pattern changes into a downward trend pattern.

Which scenario is most likely to occur? The following chart is based on daily candlesticks, and with blue weekly time frame trend, and red monthly time frame trend displayed, and can give clues as to what lies ahead in 2019.