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Stablecoins Law and Regulations


About This Programme

Stablecoins stand to rank as one of the key contenders for digital money, if well regulated, with potential for innovative use cases such as purpose-bound money applications. Other than regulation by way of the MAS Stablecoins Regulatory Framework, which has been cited in Singapore Court judgment, the development of case law provides growing clarity on the legal status of stablecoins.
How the law characterises stablecoins has implications on the legal remedies available to parties holding it as assets or liabilities. Through a study of recent landmark Singapore cases, gain a practical understanding of the impact on your rights as owner of or creditor owing stablecoins. 

This e-learning course is eligible for IBF funding under FTS scheme.

Course Outline

FTS Core SFA/FAS course as listed at IBF

• Overview of the crypto ecosystem.
• Identify the types and roles of stablecoins.
• Introduction to the MAS Stablecoins Regulatory Framework.
• Guided interpretation of landmark Singapore Court cases on the legal characterisation of stablecoins.
• Case analysis of Algorand Foundation v Three Arrows Capital, ByBit Fintech, CLM v CLN, Loh Cheng  Gee Aaron v Hodlnaut.

Who is this course for


Course Info

Practice Area:

Asset Management
& Capital Markets

Core CPD Points:

1.5 hrs

Asynchronous E-Learning

Course Fee:


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Contact Person

Andrea Ng

+65-6323 6208

Alternative asset managers

Family Offices

Financial Analysts

Investment Managers

Fintech Firms

Portfolio Managers

Venture Capitalists

Private Bankers


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Gerard QUEK

Training Hours

Programme Fee

Full programme fee without IBF funding: S$300.00

Company-sponsored individuals may be eligible for IBF-FTS Funding*:

*IBF FTS Funding:
Only company-sponsored Singapore Citizens or Singapore PRs, physically based in Singapore are eligible for 30% of direct training cost.  Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 70% co-funding of direct training costs.
Payment is on a net-fee basis for qualified participants.  Grant Cap: $500 per participant per program. 
Sponsoring company must be entity regulated by MAS as listed on MAS FI Directory or fintech firm certified by Singapore Fintech Association.
Refer IBF-FTS Funding T&Cs for full details.

IBF Financial Training Scheme (IBF-FTS)

This IBF FTS and Core SFA/FAA course is recognised under the Financial Training Scheme (FTS) and is eligible for FTS claims subject to all eligibility criteria being met.


Please note that in no way does this represent an endorsement of the quality of the training provider and course. Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the course and its relevance to his/her business activities or job roles.


The FTS is available to eligible entities based on the prevalent funding eligibility, quantum and caps.  FTS provides up to 70% course fee subsidy support for direct training costs subject to a cap of S$500 per candidate per course subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

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